Man arrested for attempting to rape 60-yr-old woman

Uganda, August 2016

Police in Iganga is holding a 30 year old man for allegedly attempting to rape a 60-year-old woman.

The suspect, Steven Okoth, was nabbed trying to rape the woman on Monday at about 2pm.

The victim was resting in her house when she was ambushed by Okoth. She was only rescued from the suspect by her grandchildren and locals after making an alarm.

The officer in charge of investigations, Sophie Naboth Nalongo, said that the accused has been a domestic casual worker at the victim’s home for the past two years.

The suspect who was whisked to Budwege Police post confessed to having tried to rape his employer after she refused to consent to sex.

The accused who was paraded before the press also said that he hadn’t had sex since he separated from his wife over domestic disputes.

The Iganga district Police commander, Nassibu Nditta said investigations into the matter are still underway.

He said Okoth will soon appear in court on charges of attempted rape.